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Hareline Dubbin


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The TRAVEL T-REX is part of the line of vises made by Franco Cottarelli. It is equipped with a solid brass tripod that can take up very little space when closed. Thanks to the many joints present, it is possible to make numerous adjustments. The long fork allows you to mount 2 clamps simultaneously to tie artificial flies on extremely large hooks. It is equipped with a tool holder arm and a practical padded carrying case. All components can be modulated with the other vise models except for the Pocket. Take a look at the complete description below to find out more details.


The TRAVEL T-REX is designed to tie artificial flies on very large hooks. In fact, the long fork with which it is equipped allows you to accommodate up to 2 heads simultaneously and thus have 2 anchor points on the curvature of the hook. This system allows to have an optimal grip without necessarily having to go to tighten too energetically the jaws of the head, with the risk of ruining hooks that on this size could be very expensive.

Like all Cottarelli's Travel series (CTA), it is equipped with an intelligent tripod system that can be closed on itself and occupy very little space. This tripod is made of solid brass, which allows you to have excellent stability during the fly tying. Also on the horizontal arm there are holes that allow you to accommodate the fly tying tools that you are not currently using to be able to keep a workplace always clean and tidy.

The numerous joints of the TRAVEL T-REX allow a practically infinite variety of adjustments. The upper block, made mainly of aluminum, is able to tilt at will and rotate freely 360 degrees, this rotation is adjustable in turn by a clutch. If you align the axis of the hook stem with the axis of the vise, you will be able to spin the hook perfectly on its axis.

To facilitate the rotation of the head, the handle can be purchased separately.

Thanks to the modularity of the Cottarelli vises, it is possible to remove all the upper part (fork + heads) and mount the short fork or the Shuttle pliers (available separately).


  • Possibility to mount 2 heads at the same time to have an optimal grip on very large hooks
  • Mainly made of solid brass and aluminum
  • Extremely resistant and robust
  • Infinite adjustment possibilities
  • All pins have a plastic bearing that reduces wear to virtually zero even after years of use
  • 360 degree rotation adjustable by clutch
  • And able to rotate the hook perfectly on its axis
  • Very stable during fly tying
  • Accessories available (available separately)
  • On the Travel T-Rex it is possible to mount the short fork or the Shuttle pliers (available separately).
  • It can be folded up on itself and occupy so little space
  • Tool arm
  • Practical briefcase with padding for transport included in the price
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