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Jig Patterns


Jig Wonky Worm
The Jig Wonky Worm is Montana Fly Company's latest in trout worms for the 2020 fishing season.
Schultzy's SFC
Mike Schultz guides for smallmouth and carp in Dexter, Michigan where he developed this fly for the Huron River Single Fly event. It holds a very realistic crayfish profile and fish from smallmouth to big trout can't resist this big, tasty meal.
Perdigon Jig
Jig hook trout flies from Montana Fly Company are available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop and www.crazyrainbow.net
Hot Spot Jig
A simplistic jig fly to imitate a number of aquatic insects from caddis to baetis.
Ishiwata's Super Snitch
Ishiwata's Super Snitch is a spin off of his articulated Snitch streamer tied in a swing fly style with a small tungsten jig and a stinger hook.
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