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Raid Zap uv resin Flex Thick

Raid Zap uv resin Flex Thick

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RAIDZAP FLEX THICK – bottle of 0.5 oz. Raidzap Flex Thick is developed for those who want thicker UV resin in flex mode from Raidzap. RaidZap Flex Thick  allows you to build incredibly durable heads, bodies and carapaces in very minimal time. “Flex Thick” has double the viscosity of our standard flex UV resin which reduces the capillary action and slump when working and shaping.

  • Cures with ANY! UV light.
  • Cures  flexible and clear.
  • Thin tip.
  • 0.5 oz. ( 15 ml )
  • Including a brush in the box.
  • Syringe needle in the box.
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