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Sawyer Paddles & Oars


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Sawyer TiteSet Kits

The essential kit for all Sawyer oar blades and breakdown shafts and paddles. Includes two replacement TiteSet buttons, the TiteSet Keychain Tools with oarlock split ring, and a Sawyer sticker. Our cool TiteSet Fish Keychain is designed to be used on our TiteSet Oar Blade Lock system, breakdown shafts and paddles. Comes complete with a convenient bottle opener.


  • 2 Replacement TiteSet Buttons
  • TiteSet Fish Keychain Tools w/split ring
  • Small Sawyer Sticker

Available in two sizes:

  • Large:
    3/4" TiteSet buttons for standard oar blades and breakdown shafts.
  • Small:
    1/2" TiteSet buttons for SST oars and breakdown paddles
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