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Zebra Midge
Zebra midge -aka- the fish catching machine. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Jackson's Macgruber
Blake Jackson's original Macgruber
Trout Crack
The Trout crack nymph are a great all around small trout nymph for the fly fishing angler.
Stealth CDC Pheasant Tail
Try Stealth CDC Pheasant Tail as one of the best Mayfly imitating patterns.
Dominick's Dam Midge
Its a Dam good midge!
Minute Midge
The shiny, colorful presentation of the Minute Midge is an attractive pattern to keep in your fly box.
Tailwater Assassin
Tailwater Assassin fly is a perfect tailwater nymph pattern for any angler looking to expand a fly box.
Mercury Black Beauty
The Mercury Black Beauty may be simple but it packs a versatile midge punch.
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