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Caddis patterns for sale at the Ugly Bug Fly Shop 


Guides Choice Hares Ear
The Guides Choice Hares Ear is a productive and reliable pattern for late summer and fall.
Birds Nest
A classic Caddis pattern for any situation!
Kyles Scudaddis
When fish are eating caddis you will want this fly in your selection. This unique pattern can be dynamite in the late summer and early fall.
Holy Grail
When the trout start getting picky in the late summer, reach for the Holy Grail.
Morrish's Dirty Bird
A classic caddis pattern for every anglers box!
Walts Worm
Walt's Worm with it's simplicity and and natural color is a productive fly to fish when trout are looking for caddis.
Biot Pupa
The Biot Pupa is an irresistable fly for trout in mountain west - one you should have with you when trout are looking for caddis.
Double Down CDC
The Double Down CDC is great nymphed or under your hopper. With it's bit of flash and movement this fly is high on the list of consistent flies to fish in the summer and fall.
Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrel
Impressively effective nymphed under an indicator or as a dropper below your dry fly, the Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrel should be in your box for late summer fly fishing in the mountain west.
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