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Jackson's Macgruber
Blake Jackson's original Macgruber
Jackson's Macgruber Foam Back
Blake Jackson's Foam Back Macgruber standard.
Foam Back RS2
The Foam Back RS2 is a classic emerger pattern that is a must have in your box.
Holo-Point Jig
Midges, baetis or PMD's it does not matter. This jig style fly deserves a spot in any trout angler's box.
Slim Shady
Super thin and lanky. Just the way the trout like 'em. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Copper John
A food shaped anchor, super fishy. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Duane's Buttcrack Baetis
This baetis pattern strays from traditional patterns and is very effective.
Rainbow Warrior
A flashy nymph sure to grab any trout's attention. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
The WD-40 is a proven fish catcher in as many scenarios as real WD-40 works.
Darth Baetis
Very realistic BWO. Available to Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
A very realistic baetis nymph for clear water and picky fish.
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