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Saltwater Flies


Clouser Size 2
The Clouser is one of the most well known salt water patterns there is. This minnow imitation pattern is a must have in your fly box!
Sili Shrimp
Sili Shrimp is one of the top producing bone fish flies on the market.
Bead Chain Permit Fly #4
Bead Chain Permit Fly #4 is a great new permit fly for the Anglers looking to test their skills against these saltwater species.
Long Tail Damsel
An excellent damsel pattern for your stillwater fishing - this fly offers movement and a productive color scheme.
A productive streamer for carp fishing the flats or for those aggressive trout looking for a big meal.
Raghead Crab
The raghead crab is a merkin style crab imitation made of synthetic materials. It was developed by Jan Isley for permit fishing on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. ,The large lead eyes make the fly ride "claws-up" while at rest. It is primarily a permit
Cockroach (Keys Style) Size 1/0
Key's Style Cockroach: The Cockroach is a proven Tarpon pattern that any Tarpon fisherman should carry.
Mini Puff Pink Size 6
A classic bonefish fly, best for shallow water and spooky fish.
Tarpon Toad
The Tarpon Toad is pretty much where it’s at these days as far as tarpon flies go. The wide head allows the fly to sink very slowly and even suspend, making it easier to let the fish “encounter” your fly rather than smack him on the head with it. After
A Great Freshwater and Saltwater by Umpqua's Blane Crocklett
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