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Yellow Sally fly patterns for sale


Schmidt's Yellow Sally #18
A yellow sally pattern that is sure to trick those picky trout.
Montana Sally Jig
Montana Yellow Sally Jig is an effective pattern while fishing a stonefly hatch.
Soft Hackle Yellow Sally
The Soft Hackle Yellow Sally is a great pattern for when you stumble upon a Yellow Sally hatch.
Juju Sally
The Juju Sally is a great Yellow Sally stonefly nymph.
Kyle's BH Yellow Sally
Kyle's BH Yellow Sally is a great nymph pattern to use during the hatch, especially when used as a dropper.
Oll Edwards Yellow Stone Size 14
Oll Edwards Yellow Stone is a must have in your fly box, especially in areas with a Yellow Sally hatch.
Jackson's Sally
Yellow Sally nymph!
Jackson's Sally Bead Head
Blake Jackson Bead Head Yellow Sally
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