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Carp Flies


Adam Hope Damsel
Adam Hope's Damsel is durable and productive pattern for stillwater fishing trout or carp.
Adam Hope's Carp Dragon
Adam Hope's Carp Dragon is a must have variant for days when the carp are picky.
Carp Coachman
The Carp Coachman is a pattern you will want in your box for hot summer days when the carp are tailing.
A productive streamer for carp fishing the flats or for those aggressive trout looking for a big meal.
Snappin Craw
The Snappin Craw is an excellent fly for days when carp are tailing and the water is shallow.
Creepy Crawler
A great fly to grab the attention of picky carp , the Creepy Crawler should be in your box.
SoftShell Crayfish
A pattern that stands out and can be fished for carp or trout in numerous ways.
Fighting Crawfish
A unique and effective pattern that works well drifted or stripped for trout or carp.
The spork is an equally effective carp and trout streamer. Don't leave home without it.
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