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Carp fly fishing flies available online.


SoftShell Crayfish #8
A pattern that stands out and can be fished for carp or trout in numerous ways.
Carp Craw
The Carp Craw streamer is one of my favorite crawdad carp patterns at any location in the west.
Belly Flop Balanced Damsel #10
Belly Flop Balanced Damsel is a must haveand productive pattern for stillwater fishing trout or carp.
Adam Hope Damsel
Adam Hope's Damsel is durable and productive pattern for stillwater fishing trout or carp.
Snappin Craw Olive
The Snappin Craw is an excellent fly for days when carp are tailing and the water is shallow.
Jiggy Craw Orange 2/0
Bottom feeders can't resist Cohen's Jiggy Craw, soon to be your new favorite crawfish jig.
Eric's UV Carp Leggs
A superb carp fly which "stands up" on the bottom and is brilliantly designed.
Mohair Leech
A must have leech pattern for every stretch of water!
Carp Coachman #8
The Carp Coachman is a pattern you will want in your box for hot summer days when the carp are tailing.
Bush's Dad
A great selection for trout and carp, the Bush Dad pattern is useful year round and can be fished in a variety of ways.
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