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Rainbow Warrior
A flashy nymph sure to grab any trout's attention. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
New age classic stonefly.
Copper John
A food shaped anchor, super fishy. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Ext. Body Pats Jig
The Pat's Stonefly Nymph is the KING of productivity in the stonefly nymph realm. It is as standard as Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are to a 6 year old. Life without it.... well, lets just not go there. The Pat's Stone is available in a variety of s
Golden Hares Ear Size 16
The golden hares ear pattern is a great maylfy imitation nymph.
Lightning Bug
Flashy and slim, this pattern makes an excellent attractor fly. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Heavy Weight Stone Grey
The heavy weight stonefly in the color grey is a classic and dependable pattern.
One of the most recognizable nymphs on the market, the prince nymph is a must for any anglers box.
ANATO-MAY a great all around prospecting nymph
Stone Creek Emerger
Incredibly impressionistic fly that can represent anything from a BWO to a small stonefly. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Montana Sally Jig
Montana Yellow Sally Jig is an effective pattern while fishing a stonefly hatch.
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