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Worms and Eggs

Fly fishing Worms and Egg patterns for sale at the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing


Flossy Worm
A thin worm pattern that trout love. Available at Ugly Bug fly shop.
Jig Wonky Worm
The Jig Wonky Worm is Montana Fly Company's latest in trout worms for the 2020 fishing season.
San Juan Worm
Probably one of the top 10 trout flies ever. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
A wire worm that simulates a larger earth worm.
A Super popular worm pattern
Squirmy Worm
Probably the most lifelike worm pattern out there. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Squirmy Jig
All of the lifelike qualities of the squirmy worm on a tactical jig hook. Available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop.
Otter EGG
The real feel and look of trout eggs!
The closest fly to a gob of worms on a hook.
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