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Fulling Mill USA sells a wide selection of quality fly fishing flies, including dry flies, nymphs, salmon and steelhead flies, salt water flies, streamers and wet flies


The Nameless Wonder Streamer
A proven streamer pattern sure to get the attention of any hungry trout.
Ishiwata's Grand Master
Eric Ishiwata is a swing bug master and his Grand Master Flash reflects the time he has spent mastering swing flies. This fly holds an amazing profile and the color combo of olive and copper is pretty hard to beat.
Schultzy's SFC
Mike Schultz guides for smallmouth and carp in Dexter, Michigan where he developed this fly for the Huron River Single Fly event. It holds a very realistic crayfish profile and fish from smallmouth to big trout can't resist this big, tasty meal.
Hot Spot Jig
A simplistic jig fly to imitate a number of aquatic insects from caddis to baetis.
Mousey McMouseface
Mousey McMouseface is the new hot streamer to hit the market!!
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