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Carp Flies


Carp Coachman
The Carp Coachman is a pattern you will want in your box for hot summer days when the carp are tailing.
Adam Hope Damsel
Adam Hope's Damsel is durable and productive pattern for stillwater fishing trout or carp.
Carp Craw
The Carp Craw streamer is one of my favorite crawdad carp patterns at any location in the west.
Adam Hope's Carp Dragon
Adam Hope's Carp Dragon is a must have variant for days when the carp are picky.
Clouser Nymph Dumbell Eyes
On hot summer days when carp are tailing the Clouser Nymph with dumbell eyes is a useful tool. 
Creepy Crawler
A great fly to grab the attention of picky carp , the Creepy Crawler should be in your box.
Snappin Craw
The Snappin Craw is an excellent fly for days when carp are tailing and the water is shallow.
The spork is an equally effective carp and trout streamer. Don't leave home without it.
A productive streamer for carp fishing the flats or for those aggressive trout looking for a big meal.
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