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Montana Fly Company


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The Flatliner is similar in size and profile to that of the new Bangtail T&A, but with one key difference:  This pattern is tied on its side.  As you can see from the photographs below, the Flatliner was designed to imitate an injured baitfish trying to right itself, and produces an irresistible action that has been driving big fish crazy since Kelly came up with it in the Fall of 2015. The Flatliner features a two-tone laser dub head, UV polar chenillebody, marabou wings, and a healthy amount of flashabou sandwiched between two deceiver tails in the rear.  The olive and yellow version was Kelly’s top producer on Arkansas’ White River last year, but all the colors in this series will hunt up the baddest predators in the ditch. Size: 1/0.

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