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We share these metaphysical and physically demanding commonalities with other great sports: surfing, climbing, cycling, sailing, trekking.  Sports that pair man's spirit for adventure with the very ether of the world he was thrust into.  They refine our core being, pull deep parts of us to the surface, and set fire to our frailty.   

As the line unfurls and reflections flash across the ripples of the water, we often find ourselves carried away—transported if you will—and unified with the world around us.  Fly fishing brings out the poet in all of us...the rest you should watch out for.


Muddy Buddy
Whether you are targeting trout, bass or pike the Muddy Buddy is a must have streamer. A rabbit zonker combined with a spun deer hair collar both push water and increase the movement of the fly. Any predator fish has this fly on their menu.