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Wooly Bugger White #6
The Wooly Bugger. Probably the most famous, the most popular and the most fished fly of all-time.
GD Sculpin Snack
Color and size that matches many of our natural sculpins. Rubber legs add an element not found on traditional buggers. This is quickly becoming one of our more popular streamer patterns. Deadly stripped or fished dead drift under a big indicator.
Snot Rocket Rainbow #4
The Snot Rocket Rainbow is a heavy streamer that imitates a baby Rainbow.
Ishiwata's Grandmaster Olive/Copper #6
Ishiwata's Grandmaster is an incredibly popular streamer pattern and is also a great fly to swing!
Mccunes Sculpin
This sculpin pattern is tied with a deer hair head that pushes water well and has a realistic movement that is sure to entice fish.
Clouser Size 2
The Clouser is one of the most well known salt water patterns there is. This minnow imitation pattern is a must have in your fly box!
VooDoo Leech
This flashy pattern is sure to catch the eye of big fish, especially when fishing for Salmon and Steelhead.
Snappin Craw
The Snappin Craw is an excellent fly for days when carp are tailing and the water is shallow.
Schultzy's SFC
Mike Schultz guides for smallmouth and carp in Dexter, Michigan where he developed this fly for the Huron River Single Fly event. It holds a very realistic crayfish profile and fish from smallmouth to big trout can't resist this big, tasty meal.
Bite Me Buggers
A classic pattern available at the Uglybug Flyshop.
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