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Galloups Mini Peanut Envy
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Galloups Mini Peanut Envy

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When you’re pursuing trophy fish in skinny water and need to downsize your streamer game, Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly is a tough choice to beat. Designed by famed streamer angler Kelly Galloup, Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly is a smaller version of the original and was made for those times when you want to sling meat with a softer presentation. Packed with movement and available in a variety of equally effective color schemes, Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly is an articulated streamer that’s tied with marabou, palmered hackle, rubber legs, just enough flash, and is finished with a conehead to get that enticing dipping motion. A streamer that imitates small batifish or acts as a general attractor pattern, this is a fly that you can take anywhere with confidence. 


Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly is a streamer that fishes well in almost any setting, from stillwater lakes and ponds, small creeks, large rivers, and everything in between, this fly can hold its own. Not only can Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly handle a variety of environments and conditions, but it’s also a fly that can be fished any day of the year, especially in the beginning of fall and again in the dead of winter. Strip it fast or slow, swing it downstream, or just bump the bottom, Galloups Mini Peanut Envy Fly just might help you catch the fish of the year. 


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