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The HELIOS™ D series offers increased line speed, lifting power, and a deep reserve of stored energy

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This is the new Helios, 4X more accurate than its predecessor, which is tested and proven to be the previous industry benchmark for accuracy. To cast Helios is to discover how it feels to set your cast on autopilot to achieve pinpoint accuracy, whether you’re making a tight quarters shot or a long-distance call. Available in both Distance and Finesse actions, Helios is the most advanced fly rod ever conceived, and the culmination of nearly two decades of constant progression. Pushing accuracy into the realm of total intuition, it represents the industry’s biggest leap forward to date. The new Helios is where accuracy comes alive in a way you’ve never thought possible.

When compared to HELIOS 3, the previous industry benchmark for accuracy:
- 25% MORE DURABLE in extreme breakage testing
- 10% LIGHTER swing weight

The all-new 4th generation Helios™ is the culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous standard-bearer.

  • Maximize line speed with a fast loading rod
  • Heavy lifting power for big fish
  • Efficient energy transference for longer casts
  • Extremely accurate at any distance
  • Models for all levels of fresh and saltwater
  • Matte midnight black finish with black thread wraps
  • Aluminum rod tube
  • Backed by 25-Year Guarantee
  • Made in USA



The most accurate fly rod in the world AND WE CAN PROVE IT

The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than Helios 3—the previous undisputed industry benchmark— and leaves all other competitors even farther behind. To achieve this quantum leap in accuracy, our designers had to solve for one of the main enemies of precision: tip displacement. When the energy of the forward cast is released, it can cause the rod tip to wobble around the horizontal and vertical axes—reducing the accuracy of the cast. The new Helios displays dramatically increased hoop strength and minimized vibration along the blank, leading to a radical reduction of tip displacement. The result is a precise, smooth energy transfer from your hand to the fly and laser-like precision.

The graph above illustrates horizontal and vertical tip displacement of the new Helios versus those of the leading competitor. As you can see, the Helios rod tip is much more stable. Featuring the most significant reduction in tip displacement ever measured, the new Helios allows you to hit your target with laser precision.



For Orvis rod designers, “over-engineered” is no dig; it’s a recognition that Helios performs far beyond the normal limits of a fly rod. Our mission to raise the world standard for accuracy comes with a commitment that every performance characteristic and component of the all-new Helios exceeds expectations

Swing weight isn’t something measured on a scale, but the perceived weight in your hand during the cast. Thus a 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue. Even after long hours on the water, you’ll feel sharp enough to target that difficult fish. The all-new Helios becomes an extension of your mind.




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