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Macgruber Tying Video

Macgruber Tying Video The Macgruber is easily one of the most versatile patterns on the North Platte, mimicking everything from various mayflies to midges. Check out this tying tutorial as Blake Jackson explains how to tie his iconic pattern.

Wyoming Pike Fishing with Kody Luckow

Wyoming Pike Fishing with Kody Luckow In this weeks podcast episode with Blake Jackson, Ugly Bug guide Kody Luckow joins him in discussing the awesome world of targeting giant fresh water fish. Pike can be a very tough but worth while species to target so check it out and hopefully learn some tips to catch your own!

Carping in Casper

Carping in Casper When out fly fishing most fisherman are looking to target their dream trophy sized trout. When you hook into what you think might just be that fish you realize that it is in fact a carp or "trash fish" . The disappointment then hits and you realize it wasn't your dream fish but a bottom dwelling hardy carp. What most don't realize is that these fish can in fact be some of the hardest fighting and tougher fish species to catch on a fly rod and can be a worth while catch. Carp can grow to enormous sizes and can be thrill to target. Over at the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow fly fishing we now offer the opportunity to target these hard fighting fish. With flats boats at the ready we can guide you out on the flats of Pathfinder Reservoir to target these giant carp. This provides for one of the closet forms of saltwater style fly fishing that you can get in north western region of the country where saltwater is a trek to reach. When searching for these fish you get the opportunity to sight fish for these schools of carp similar to fishing for redfish on the gulf. In the most recent release of The Drake Magazine Ugly Bug/Crazy Rainbow guide Dustin White discusses the process  behind targeting these fish and how it can be an exciting thrill to fish despite having trophy blue ribbon trout waters nearby. Dustin's article goes in depth to the challenge of getting near carp and how fishing on a flats boat allows you to get up close and personal to these typically spooky fish. It is a worth while read and if you are interested in a new experience in the fly fishing world we highly recommend you give it a shot!

Here's a link to get the most recent edition of The Drake magazine so you can give this article a read from one of our own Dustin White!

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