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Ugly Bug Fly Shop

Welcome to the Ugly Bug Fly Shop. Since 1983 the Ugly Bug Fly Shop has supplied the Fly-fishers in Wyoming and around the country with the best gear and advice.



Jackson's Macgruber
Blake Jackson's original Macgruber
Show off your part of the river with this Brown Trout hat!!!
SoftShell Crayfish #8
A pattern that stands out and can be fished for carp or trout in numerous ways.
Double Down CDC
The Double Down CDC is great nymphed or under your hopper. With it's bit of flash and movement this fly is high on the list of consistent flies to fish in the summer and fall.
Carp Craw
The Carp Craw streamer is one of my favorite crawdad carp patterns at any location in the west.
Kyle's BH Yellow Sally
Kyle's BH Yellow Sally is a great nymph pattern to use during the hatch, especially when used as a dropper.
Galloups Peanut Envy
Awesome slim design articulated streamer
Delectable Caddis Pupa
With a blend of natural colors and a bit of flash, the Delectable Caddis Pupa is a consistent and productive pattern for trout in the mountain west.
Perdigon Jig
Jig hook trout flies from Montana Fly Company are available at Ugly Bug Fly Shop and www.crazyrainbow.net
Foam Back RS2
The Foam Back RS2 is a classic emerger pattern that is a must have in your box.
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